The Course of Non-Visual Sight


The first course of non-visual sight, that we are introducing on our site is suitable for children aged 5 to 15 with a guaranteed success. With adults the process takes a longer time and the success rate is between 15 – 20 %.


With this method your child will be able to use his inner sight in a natural and non-violent way. It means to accurately and clearly perceive the surroundings with covered eyes. It is not a purposeless ability. This method bring a lot of advantages, about which you can learn more in our starting page.


The conditions of the course:

  1. You can apply for the course in the head-quarters of our company. They are lead by experienced tutors, who using a safe method and a comfortable form will teach your child to read and to move around the space with closed or covered eyes.
  2. We offer also an alternative method – courses for self-learners. We will deliver you a complete package for self-learners, which will contain:
  • an instructional DVD, which will teach your child this technique in a home environment according to the tutor's instructions
  • a booklet (manual) – a thorough methodical process
  • dark vision-proof glasses
  • other tools, which are necessary for a successful mastering of this technique

All participants of this course will receive a membership number, which will guarantee a discount for the advanced courses or levels. In case of any uncertainties please get in touch wit our instructor using the following phone number and email address, he will give you further information and navigation.
With the further advanced techniques of non-visual sight you will be informed about and you will have the possibility to master them in the following courses. We will keep you informed.